Steven Spielberg … I am not

Posted by bs - August 23, 2017 - landlocked salmon, Trophy Stretch, Upper Connecticut River - 7 Comments

Awesome sights today on the Trophy Stretch in Pittsburg, NH, showing some new water to friends that currently reside in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

There are some things that they have out in Wyoming that we wish were here, but one thing that we have that they don’t is salmo salar … our landlocked salmon.

Butch tied in to a nice one today with a delicately presented Parachute Adams on his 4 weight, and the fight was on.

Please keep in mind as you watch this masterpiece of cinematography that the filmmaker was watching the bend of the rod to the will of an impressive fish. Remember that while my reflexes and general stability are not what they used to be, perhaps the commentary is amusing enough to make up for all of my shortcomings.

Nothing was harmed in this video … not even my backside.




  • Jim S. says:

    Nice job, makes me home sick for a little tug from those salmon.

  • Hendrickson says:

    Nice job, Tom! I enjoyed a vicarious dunking with you (I’m pretty good at doing it all by myself), no harm done and a beautiful Ouananiche! 😎

  • Ryan Patalano says:

    Good job saving the phone! Nice video. Ill be up in October to hopefully net some of those silver bullets.

    • bs says:

      Expecting a good salmon run this year with all of the water we currently have! See you then hopefully (if I’m not chasing birds in the woods …).

  • Rod BAlme says:

    Now… that was funny Tom. I may do a little snooping around for some early salmon next week.

  • Butch Pond says:

    Just got back to Jackson Hole from vacation in the north country. I was thinking on the plane that the last time I fished in Pittsburgh was 1984 with my father. It was so sweet to land that beautiful salmon!! I can’t wait to repay the favor.

    • bs says:

      That was a nice fish Butch – glad you landed it and we all got to see it. I’ll try not to fall down next time … Enjoy the beautiful west and those cutthroats – can’t wait to get out there and get a taste of it myself!

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