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Upper Connecticut River Fishing Report: 9/28

Posted by bs - September 28, 2014 - Back Lake, Trophy Stretch, Upper Connecticut River brown-trout-closeup

Fantastic weather in New Hampshire’s north country lately, just in time for enjoying some fall fishing. We’ve had some alternating river flows this weekend, but it looks like the river will have some steady flows this week.

That brown trout was caught and released by our guide Dave Poole on his day off – his compatriot Angus Boezeman took that nice picture of the release.

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September 24th fishing report Pittsburg, NH

Posted by chowe - September 25, 2014 - Andro, Back Lake, Ponds, Trophy Stretch, Upper Connecticut River Amaya and the brookie (1024x768)

Is Amaya a little excited? Damn right she is!  That’s Amaya Bell with a gorgeous brookie  caught on a UV Czech nymph on the Trophy Stretch this morning.  I was able to fish today with my friends the Bells and we had a great day. We got a few fish but it was the fall foliage that was so spectacular. I would say the foliage is peak in Pittsburg right now. The water flow on the Trophy and below Murphy dam have been on the low side this week but we have heard that possibly this Friday, Trans Canada will be increasing the flows a bit. That will help the fishing and the fish.

fall foliage (1024x460)OMR drifted the Andro on Tuesday and reported back that his clients did very well on BH Pheasant Tails with a olive Hatching Pupa dropper bringing 15 + trout to the boat. Not bad for a half day drift.

Dave Poole guided on Coon Brook Bog today and reported back that his people also did well and picked up a bunch of nice brook trout. I also heard good things about Terrill Pond. Dave also did the lower Connecticut River on Tuesday and did well on Black Ants.

Back Lake was boiling tonight with rising fish.  There’s not much time left to the season. Only three weeks. Get up here before it’s over.



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The October Caddis

Posted by bs - September 8, 2014 - Back Lake, Upper Connecticut River october caddis

We had an inquiry from a guest recently if the “October Caddis” had made it’s appearance yet in our area, and there was seemingly nothing to report until Saturday night. That’s when this specimen decided to start answering my phone at the lodge, while I was deep in discussion of fishy matters with several guests at the front desk. He hung around for a while, and confirmed that, yes, the October Caddis hatch has indeed started.

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September 3rd Fishing Report – Pittsburg, NH

Posted by chowe - September 4, 2014 - Back Lake, Upper Connecticut River Tim Fleury Ct. River  rainbow (1024x768)

It was a great day to be out on the water today in the North Country.  OMR and his clients drifted the Connecticut River from Colebrook to Lemington, Vt., and they had a great day landing 20 + trout on a variety of flies. 

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Back Lake Hex Hatch Fishing Update: 7/5

Posted by bs - July 5, 2014 - Back Lake, Back Lake Hex Hatch, Ponds, Upper Connecticut River hex-patterns

These are several of the hex hatch patterns that can work at any given time, depending on how the trout are feeding and your casting ability. In order, from left to right: Olive Sparrow, Woodduck Heron, Mark’s Hex Emerger, Hex Cripple, Foam Hex, Sexy Hex, Hex Usual, Paradrake Hex, Lucca’s Hex Spinner.

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