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Pittsburg, NH Fishing Report 10/1/2013

Posted by chowe - October 2, 2013 - Back Lake, Boundary Pond, Ponds, Trophy Stretch, Upper Connecticut River
Confucius say, " Big fish make happy man".

That’s Angus Boezeman with an incredible rainbow he landed on September 29th below Murphy Dam. Confucius says, “Big fish make happy man”.

There have been some awesome fish landed in the last week for those diehards that get out of bed in the early morning or stay out there on the water till dark. If you want to catch the big ones, you need to be out there very early & late in the day.  Small Pheasant Tails (18), BWOs and bright streamers have been working.  The Upper Connecticut River produces some incredible fish. The water flows out of all the dams are great right now, very wadeable and should trigger spawning browns, brookies and salmon to head up river.

We’re still hearing good things about Boundary Pond and Coon Brook Bog, and we have row boats at both.

Back Lake has been on the slow side unfortunately. A few rainbows and brookies have been caught and hopefully things will turn around soon.

We’re counting down the days to the end of the season. Unbelievable how fast the season has gone by.  Tom is now guiding for birds with Monty and Rudy so he probably will have very little time fishing. I hope they have a great season hunting. The foliage is still beautiful up here so come on up before it’s over.

The Woodsman Steak and a Cold Brew are waiting for you at the Grille.

 We hope to see you before it’s over.


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Pittsburg, NH Fishing Report 9-21-2013

Posted by chowe - September 22, 2013 - Back Lake, landlocked salmon, Ponds, Trophy Stretch, Upper Connecticut River
Fall Colors

The Fall foliage is looking pretty spectacular in Pittsburg. It is not peak yet but it looks beautiful, and the last several days have been terrific.

The fishing in Pittsburg has been pretty good as of late. The Trophy Stretch has been producing some nice Landlocks, brookies and rainbows.

In the Fall you might want to fish many of the same patterns that you fish in the Spring. Think BWOs and Streamers, and Caddis too.

Streamers: Soft Hackle Streamer, White Woolybugger, Black Ghost, and a Muddler.

Nymphs and Emergers: BH Pheasant Tail, Jailbird, BH Prince, Serendipity, Hatching Pupa, Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail, Bloom’s Soft Hackle. Egg Patterns, and San Juan Worms.

Dries: Any BWO pattern, X-Caddis, Klinkhammer and a Orange Stimi (October Caddis, there are a few around).

We’ve heard good reports on the No-Kill of salmon and beautifully colored brookies , and some very healthy trout and salmon below Murphy Dam.  

Back Lake has been producing some rainbows trolling a Golden Demon, a Wood Special or a Black Woolybugger.

The outer ponds are usually fun in the Fall too. We have boats on Coon Brook, Boundary and Terrell.  The last I heard this week on the new dam at Scott’s Bog is that it is near completion.

We are definitely counting down the days now, and the weather forecast looks great for the coming week. We have some great Specials going on right now, so you might want to take advantage of cheaper rates, fantastic food and cherry drinks.

We promise not to tell if you call in sick  to blow off a few days of work. Nothing will make you  feel better then a little R & R at TTL.

And here’s a little Fly Fishing Funny from our good friend Ken Wilson.

twofish (318x468)









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Pittsburg NH Fishing Report 8/24/2013

Posted by chowe - August 24, 2013 - Back Lake, Back Lake Hex Hatch, landlocked salmon, Ponds, Trophy Stretch, Upper Connecticut River
Ginette (2) (800x600)

Fishing has been pretty good up in the north country. The Upper Connecticut has been fishing well despite the lower water flows. The lower flows provide the opportunity to reach some spots that can be tough to get to when the water is high. You just might find you new favorite spot.

OMR, Ginette and I and of course Charlie did a drift a couple of days ago from Colebrook to Lemington, VT. As they say, “a good time was had by all”. A Black Crystal Woolybugger produced the most fish, and when we ran across rising fish, BWO patterns worked well. My new favorite BWO emerger patterns are the Challenged Pheasant Tail and the Smokejumper. Jon did well with a small (20) BWO and the Hatching Pupa.

The Trophy has still been fishing well. I’ve heard good things about the upper section and the in-between section. You might want to try smaller nymphs-Pheasant Tails and Soft Hackles-Hatching Pupa.

Back Lake has been on the slow side with the warm water temperature but the cooler nights should change that. Whenever we had a cool night the Hexes appear.

The outer ponds should be good in the evenings. The foliage is starting to change a bit up here. It’s hard to believe September is upon us. We have openings this week, so give us call. Hope to see you soon.





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Hexagenia’s? Yup, there’s still a few at Back Lake!

Posted by bs - August 1, 2013 - Back Lake, Back Lake Hex Hatch
Late July Hexes

Cindy took this picture the other morning after the cool night weather we just had triggered some more hexes to come off, and our resident smallmouth bass gorged themselves in to oblivion again.

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Friday Fatty: 7/5

Posted by bs - July 5, 2013 - Back Lake, Back Lake Hex Hatch, Trophy Stretch, Upper Connecticut River

This one was from a few weeks ago on the Connecticut River – another beauty of a brown, caught and released by our Angus Boezeman, and further evidence of the application of a switch rod on the good ole Connecticut.

The fishing lately can be summed up in one word: interesting.

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