Upper Connecticut River Fishing Report: 8/9

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Summer on the Connecticut River’s “Trophy Stretch” – some cool mornings lately, but it always seems to end up around 70 – 75 degrees by the afternoon anyway. Pretty much perfect, and just enough coolness to keep September in the back of your mind.

The angling on the Trophy Stretch has continued to be very good, and it seems that smaller is better lately, as the trout and salmon in the Trophy have been well educated this summer. They’ve seen everything, so it might be the time to try smaller patterns or even patterns that are out of the ordinary.

Shake it up …

Due to my lack of fishing experience lately (this is what happens when you’re getting a 10-month old German Shorthaired Pointer ready for the rigors of ruffed grouse hunting in two months), I have to rely on the reports of others for information.

While the picture from this post was from one of Mickey Cunliffe’s clients this past weekend, Chuck Degray of North Country Fly Shop & Guide Service gave me the following scuttlebutt from his time on the Trophy today:

“Below first still around 65 degrees.  There are still a bunch of smaller salmon with an occasional 14″fish in the system that are eagerly taking large bushy dries. (I presume this means Stimulators?)

Look for them on the edges and tail outs of the pools. Be ready – these guys are quick.

While fishing fast pocket water today, the flies of choice suspended under the indicator were golden stoneflies and olive caddis pupa.  In the slower water dropping down to size 16-20 black hares ear, caddis pupa, small emergers and zebra midges. Think small and slim for the slower water.”

Flows remain constant (86 in the No Kill Stretch, 150 in the Trophy Stretch, and 400 CFS below Murphy Dam at Lake Francis).

Only a few weeks left of summer and then we’re in to our fall fishing season here in Pittsburg – get up here if you haven’t already!

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