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Posted by bs - June 22, 2017 - Back Lake Hex Hatch - 3 Comments

Where are the hexes? Not at Back Lake yet, that’s for sure … Given our weather over the last few days, it’s no surprise either. Cool, windy, and rainy are not the ingredients we need to kick off a Hexagenia hatch. We’re looking for hot and humid weather, and that simply hasn’t happened yet.

We saw one lonely hex escape the lake last night, with almost no rising fish, indicating that there’s not enough hexagenias coming off to get the fish interested. Tonight, I was still seeing a fair amount of brown drakes around the lodge, so we still have that hatch going on at least.

Stay tuned, and watch the weather …


  • Drew says:

    Hi Tom I have heard that the remote ponds are starting to warm up (too much). Besides Boundary pond, do you think they should still be good to go for next week? I’m looking to fish shehan, coon brook, and big brook bog.

    • bs says:

      Hi Drew –

      I think that you should be fine – we’ve had some cool nights (50’s last night), and that, coupled with the rain that we’ve had and that is still to come, should keep the ponds cool enough for the trout to stay comfortable. I’ve still been hearing good reports on the ponds in general. Good luck!

  • Hendrickson says:

    Some hex’s coming off last night after the warm day yesterday, and some trout rising to them. Small black caddis everywhere, and some brown drakes still around. Yes, watch the weather…

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