Trophy Stretch Report : 7/21

Posted by bs - July 21, 2011 - Trophy Stretch - No Comments

Trophy Stretch water temperatures continue to stay cold while the action (and weather) has been hot. This is Ron Wilbur with one of the Trophy’s lunker brookies, caught under the expert guidance of the renowned Angus Boezeman.

Angus’s “Scout” brought this one to bay – you’ll have to go out with him some time to find out what it looks like. There’s lots of hungry fish in this stretch right now, and while nymphs are still probably the best way to go, there’s been good top water action as well.


Released, to fight again another day

You can wet wade right now, but you might not move too well after the mid 50’s water penetrates your body – just put the waders on and bask in the warmth of summer!