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Big Fish in the Connecticut River….

Posted by chowe - July 23, 2010 - Trophy Stretch, Upper Connecticut River

We’ve heard about some Big Fish caught this week in the Connecticut River. A  client of fly fishing guide Bill Bernhardt, hooked, landed, and released a huge brown on a drift just a couple of days ago.  There are some monster trout in that river.

OMR has guided several days this week on the Trophy Stretch and the fishing was very good. Mostly nymphing with a Tung Head PT, followed by a Dirty Bird as a dropper. They also did well on drys using a Corn Feed Caddis.

I even got out there this week and did just fine with a Tung Head PT, followed by a Hatching Pupa. The Connecticut River water levels and water temperatures are great.

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Trout Almondine, Rainbow Grille style!

Posted by chowe - July 20, 2010 - Fun Stuff, Trophy Stretch, Upper Connecticut River

When a guest at the lodge has the breakfast cooks prepare their catch for breakfast, we do it the way Connie and Tony did it. A little egg wash, then dredge in a little corn meal and flour mixture, a little salt & pepper, and then pan fry in Crisco. It’s Good!  But my brother Dave has stepped it up a notch. Check out chef Dave preparing one of the Grille’s most popular dishes, Trout Almondine on NH Fish & Game’s Cooking Videos.  /broadcast/video_cookNH.html

It’s more than GOOD!!!

As for the fishing, the Connecticut River is fishing great. Everyone that was up last weekend had a great time on the river. I actually heard that the Trophy Stretch wasn’t even crowded. It’s nice to see people trying other stretches of the Connecticut. There is so much water to explore. OMR has guided recently and on the Trophy it’s been Parachute Adams, Hatching Pupa, Caddis Pupas and I’ve also heard Stimulators.

Water levels are perfect and so are the water temperatures. It’s great fishing in the north country.

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Sunshine, rising trout and BWOs….What?

Posted by chowe - July 16, 2010 - Back Lake, Trophy Stretch, Upper Connecticut River

OMR, Kevin O’Keefe and I drifted the Connecticut River yesterday and we weren’t expecting to see rising trout with the bright sunshine and air temperature in the high 70s. Not only were there rising trout, there were BWOs coming off as well. It was a great day, other than Kevin (accidently) pulling out the boat plug, Charlie going overboard trying to land my fish, and nearly breaking one of OMR’s rods. Thank god, we caught lots of fish. Our top flies; CDC Baetis, Traditional BWO, Cinnamon Ant, Conehead Gray Woolybugger and the Zoo Cougar. Jon was Top Rod with a gorgeous 15 inch brookie.Water temps in the Connecticut River range from 56 degrees in the Trophy Stretch, to the lower 60s above Colebrook. The Connecticut River is fishing great right now.

Back Lake has really slowed down because of the warm water temps. We did troll the lake a few nights ago, using  full sink lines and Conehead streamers and we did pick up several trout but right now it’s important to land them quickly to not stress them too much.  This has been an unusually hot summer but I’m loving it.  Cold weather isn’t far away and our winters are so long.

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It’s summer time!

Posted by chowe - July 12, 2010 - Back Lake, Fly Fishing School, Trophy Stretch, Upper Connecticut River

So far this summer has been a total opposite of last year. Last year was cold and rainy. This year is hot and sunny. Everyone here is just loving it, keeping cool in the lake  and wet wading.

These  hot days have brought the water temp of Back Lake way up. A few Hexs are still coming off but very few trout are bothering with them. Some of you from what we call “Down Below” probably recognize this plate, especially if you frequent Archery Pond. Ken and I hit the lake last night and Ken is now known as “The Bass Master”. No trout but we still had fun. Tonight we’re going Down & Dirty. It’s time to put on the full sink fly line and dredge the bottom.

OMR drifted the Connecticut River yesterday with Bob and Scott from The Battenkill Lodge and they had a great day. Lots of browns, some in the 17″ and 18″ range. They were fishing with a full sink line and a Zoo Cougar,  a big sculpin pattern.  Big Fly, Big Fish! There were also rising fish and they nailed some of those too.

We had our final Fly fishing School this past weekend and everyone as always had a great time and caught a few trout on the Trophy Stretch. The water flow is still running at 150 CFS, which is a great flow. Darn right perfect, I’d say. The fish are getting a little tougher and you might need to work a little harder for them but they are there.  On top try an Elk Haired Caddis,  or go down with a BH nymph trailing a Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail and a  Soft Hackle Hare’s Ear, or the Soft Hackle Streamer in gray. Connecticut River water temps are great. We are soooo  lucky to have bottom release dams.

Tom fished Terrell Dam one evening last week and did well with a Damsel Fly on top.

This is one of my favorite pictures. It speaks volumes. Happy Birthday Mr. Wilson!!

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It’s hot but it’s cool in Pittsburg…

Posted by chowe - July 6, 2010 - Back Lake, Ponds, Trophy Stretch

Yes, it’s hot up here too but we have a beautiful lake breeze to cool things off. I think everyone is enjoying  relaxing in our Adirondack chairs along the lakeshore.

As for the fishing, the Hex hatch is definitely winding down, sorry to say. There are still a few Hexs coming off and the trout are still interested in the Usual and the Heron fly.  What’s next?  Well, the Light Cahills will continue, there are Caddis and when you just can’t figure out what they’re taking, put on a Black Ant. As for trolling, try a Black Woolybugger, Hornberg, or a “93”. The bass are always a  lot fun when the trout fishing gets slow, especially for the kids. The bass are located closer to the shoreline and they’ll hit almost anything.

I’m hearing good things about the Trophy Stretch. The fish are looking up!  The dry fly action has been great. You might want to try an Elk Hair Caddis or a  Parachute Adams and subsurface is always good, so try a Caddis Pupa with a Soft  Hackle Hare’s Ear as a dropper. Water flows are great and our water is nice and cool thanks to bottom release dams.

Tuesday, OMR, a few friends  & I are heading to Terrell Dam for a cookout, followed by intense trout fishing. Can’t wait! Lobsters, steamers, burgers, cocktails, and Doodle Bugs. Brookies love the Doodle Bug.

If you’re looking to escape the heat, head north to Pittsburg. It’s Cool Baby!!

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