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Pittsburg, N.H. ~ Where the Trout & Salmon Play!

Connecticut River Fishing Report: 7/20

Posted by bs - July 21, 2014 - Trophy Stretch, Upper Connecticut River

Connecticut River flows in all sections of the river have remained stable all this past week, ensuring good angling for most of our guests. The cold water in the Trophy Stretch and especially below Murphy Dam have helped our local trout and salmon stay in a “feeding” frame of mind, like that nice one pictured above, caught and released by Griffin Nyhan.

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Connecticut River Fishing Report: 7/15

Posted by bs - July 15, 2014 - landlocked salmon, Trophy Stretch, Upper Connecticut River

The fishing continues to be pretty good here on the Upper Connecticut River. That was our guest Ryan Aghoian with a nice salmon caught on a Stimulator and released in the “No Kill” section, between Second Connecticut Lake and First Connecticut Lake. Thanks for the picture!

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Nice Beginning!

Posted by bs - July 10, 2014 - Fun Stuff, Trophy Stretch

What a way to start a fly fishing career – this is Henry Pizzo with his 17″, 3 lb. brook trout, caught and released under the expert tutelage of our guide Angus Boezeman.  We’re sure that Henry will have plenty more big ones in his fishing future …

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Upper Connecticut River Fishing Report: 7/7

Posted by bs - July 7, 2014 - landlocked salmon, Upper Connecticut River

The salmon are coming! The salmon are coming! Yes, my Revolutionary War / July 4th reference may be pitiful, but it is true, as there’s quite a few good landlocked salmon in the Trophy Stretch of the Upper Connecticut River right now.

This one was caught and released a couple of days ago by our guest Mickey Cunliffe – spending a few weeks home from China, where trout and salmon are very rare indeed.

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Back Lake Hex Hatch Fishing Update: 7/5

Posted by bs - July 5, 2014 - Back Lake, Back Lake Hex Hatch, Ponds, Upper Connecticut River

These are several of the hex hatch patterns that can work at any given time, depending on how the trout are feeding and your casting ability. In order, from left to right: Olive Sparrow, Woodduck Heron, Mark’s Hex Emerger, Hex Cripple, Foam Hex, Sexy Hex, Hex Usual, Paradrake Hex, Lucca’s Hex Spinner.

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